The Secret to Having an Amazing 2019!!!


Patrick Ogungbola

Happy New Year

Happy! Happy!! Happy!!! New Year …

It is with so much excitement and joy that we welcome you to this brand new year 2019. The year 2019 is so special in so many respects; it marks the end of a decade, as another decade begins in the year 2020, and the Holy Scripture says, ‘Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof’ Ecclesiastes 7:8.

At home, in Nigeria, 2019 is an election year, a year of decision for Nigerians to vote for the candidates that will lead them for the next 4 years. Now, this is a big deal here, as election in Nigeria is quite peculiar. As a matter of fact, the whole world, most especially international investors, and other countries that have interest here are all waiting to see the result of the coming election, and possible reactions thereafter. Here, politics is seen as a ‘do or die affair/ business’, hence, most people are very apprehensive about the outcome of the 2019 election, and its aftermath. Almost everyone is currently playing a ‘Wait-and-See’ game.

Nigeria 2019 election

Political analysts and others are already predicting the result of the coming election, most especially, as to who will be the President, and the Governor of each state. Agreed, the ‘health’ of a country is largely dependent on its political condition, however, individual’s goals and achievement is usually not a function of one’s country, race, gender, qualifications, and the likes.

Time is the most valuable non-renewable resource; time lost can never be regained. This is why I find it somehow ridiculous for an individual to deliberately refrain from taking needed action all in the name of waiting for the outcome of an election. It was Lou Holtz that said, ‘Killing time isn’t murder, it’s suicide’.

This is much more relevant, as the year 2019 is presenting to us a blank slate to re-write our destiny, and right every wrong of previous years. We now have another opportunity to make a great impact like never before. We must strive to make the end of this decade far better than the beginning. But how can we make the year 2019 so amazing for us? We believe this can be achieved by taking note of the following nuggets:

The Secret to Having a Brilliant 2019

Have clear plans: At this time, almost everyone is planning or has planned for the year, but planning without the discipline and commitment to execute is worthless. Planning is very important, because mental creation always precedes physical creation (Dr. Stephen R. Covey). The starting point to executing your plan is by setting short term goals, which could be monthly or quarterly, and achieve them, before setting long term goals. A wise man once advised that, ‘Don’t just plan for 2019; plan for 2020, 2025, etc.). We may have a short term goal, but we should have a long term vision.

Commitment: Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. Indeed, interest can get you started; it is commitment that will take you farther. Someone once said, ‘If you’re interested, you may come up with stories, excuses, reasons, and circumstances about why you can’t or why you won’t do something. If you’re committed, you’ve got no other choice, you just have to do whatever it takes to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Be committed to your goals.

Take Charge: You need to have the realization that you are absolutely in control of your own life – you’re in charge. You enjoy the reward of your efforts or you bear the brunt of not doing anything. Your prosperity or success in life has nothing to do with who becomes the President of Nigeria in 2019, as it is not the President that controls or make decisions for you; you’re the one in charge. So, take responsibility and look for no one to blame.

You can change yourself

Self-Control: Self- control is the ability to control oneself, that is, managing the only person you can truly manage – Yourself! Self-control is the ability to subdue our impulses, emotions, and behaviours in order to achieve longer term goals, and this is what separates us from our ancient ancestors and the rest of the animal kingdom (according to Psychology Today). Self-control is self-discipline which is having the willpower to do what you are supposed to do  when you are supposed to do them, and it is also the ability not to do what is not expected of you.

Definite decision: This is closely linked to planning. This is knowing what one wants and doing everything possible to achieve it. There is need to be very clear on what you want, so that you won’t be derailed or deluded by temporary success or what looks like what you want.

Be Passionate: Webster dictionary defines passion as ‘a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something’. When you’ve done all you need to do and the desired result is not forth coming, it is the passion you have that will keep you going. People that are passionate about their work do not need encouragement or motivation from anyone because their work itself is the motivation.

Choose a job you love

The power of choice: It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny. The only thing we have control over is making choices, consequences of our choice can only come later. As a matter of fact, the choices we make define us as a person – the quality of a person is a function of the quality of his or her choices. Please choose right.

Stay motivated: The stress of life is so enormous that one must always look for ways to be motivated and stay motivated. Look for ways to motivate yourself. The interesting thing is that those you are looking up to for motivation are also looking for who to motivate them; you can’t give what you don’t have. ‘And David encouraged (motivated) himself in the Lord’ 1 Samuel 30:6. Believe in yourself and encourage yourself if you’ve not been doing so.

Reward yourself: Give yourself a treat for every accomplishment. We are emotional people; we tend to perform better whenever we are rewarded for a good job well done. Celebrate your achievement – go for vacation to that country or place you’ve always dreamed about, take yourself for buffet to that special restaurant, go to the boutique and change your wardrobe, go to the saloon and give yourself a nice hair cut or hair-do, just appreciate yourself in whatever way you feel it’s good.

Be kind to yourself

Reverence to God: This write-up will not be complete without acknowledging God, because He created us and owns all things including our lives and very existence; ‘For it is in Him we live, and move, and have our being – Acts 17:28’. Acknowledging the awesomeness, sovereignty and supremacy of God is humane and at the same time divine. It is wisdom to commit our ways and works to the Lord so that He can direct our paths.

I would like to bring this article to a close by sharing with you the following words of wisdom which someone sent to this writer few days ago; and this says:

To Avoid Embarrassment and Unnecessary Pressure in Life:

–          Put your kids in schools you can afford because expensive schools don’t guarantee good results. Just ensure they attend a good affordable school;

–          Some problems in our lives don’t just pop up, 12 months ago, you knew you would pay rents, so that’s not an emergency; hence, rent an apartment you can pay for conveniently. Don’t live in a house you struggle to pay rent;

–          A man whose wife is pregnant has good 9 months to prepare, so also the pregnant woman in question. They should even plan for the worse and only seek help when they can’t meet up;

–          Let’s plan our lives and live within our means. Save more and spend less;

–          Some women buy food for their children every morning before going to school, do you know it’s cheaper to cook at home?;

–          Some people don’t earn much, but have DSTV at home, you’re advised to go for GOTV and upgrade when your income increases. It’s still the same CNN;

–          Eat healthy meals and protect your family from mosquitoes to avoid going to the hospital always;

–          Take advantage of food and fruits in season, it’s cheaper and you can be creative to create amazing meals;

–          Don’t copy your neighbour’s style of cooking soup, she earns well and her husband is a ‘big man’;

–          Don’t follow trends, wear clean well-ironed clothes and keep your hair neat. You would still look good;

–          Don’t do more than your budget this Christmas and New Year, there is no award given to best family that wore expensive clothes for the year;

–          Keep your circle small; keep only friends that have senses!;

–          Planning is the key, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail;

–          Above all things, have the fear of God, have integrity, don’t be lazy and be prayerful.

With these being said, we wish you the very best in the year 2019. This shall be your best year ever!!!

New year wishes

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