Dear Sir/Madam,

I, :

a Nigerian of State of origin and presently resident at:

do hereby guarantee


The above named person is well known to me for the past year(s).

 I hereby attest to his/her good character. He/ She is a highly responsible, fit and capable of paying his/her rent, service charge, levies, etc. and is not of questionable character. In the event of a default in his/her obligation under tenancy, I hereby undertake to be responsible for any rent, levy, tenement or water arrears, cost incurred on replacement of items damaged on the premises by the tenant.

Relationship to Tenant:

Name of Employer/ Business:

Nature of Business:

Address of Employer/ Company/ Business:

Telephone no:

E-mail Address:


Upload Passport Photograph:

Upload Picture of Signature:

Upload Driver's licence, Int'l Passport or National ID-Card:

NOTE: It is dangerous to stand as a guarantor for any person whose character you cannot vouch for or not well known to you.